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  • You might also like. Many of you are taking lovers of different ethnic and social backgrounds. No sooner do you meet. Of course the most positive way to express this urge is to find someone with whom you can experiment and grow.

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    You have a need for both perfect freedom and perfect commitment. An oxymoron, as perfect commitment limits freedom and vice versa. Yet if you find the right person you might approximate these desires. One day you can be passionately in love and the next embroiled in a bitter feud.

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    No wonder you find it difficult to make long-term plans. Happily, as we mentioned, things will settle down somewhat — especially after April 20th. The separations are good in that you have more independence. Your love and social situation is never what you believe it to be. When you are alone and you feel that love has passed you by, then suddenly and unexpectedly someone comes into your life.

    Conversely, when you are enjoying the most ecstatic union and you think this will last forever, affections change and you are on your own again.

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    Only a spiritual perspective which is gradually dawning for many of you can resolve this dilemma. When you learn the true source of love and romance you will more easily weather the ups and downs. The Higher Power that loves you never wavers and never leaves — but its manifestation changes. We have mentioned earlier that friendship is important this year too. New and significant friends have come and are continuing to come into the picture. Friends can be the source of a new and serious relationship. This can be with a friend or through the introduction of friends.